Time for Christ organizes various conferences. We have a passion to equip the body of Christ. Our conferences are intended to inspire, motivate and equip people to be a follower of Jesus and teach them in the principles of the Christian faith.

Good News Weekends

On a Good News Weekend, we will train your congregation to share the Gospel with others and to be a witness of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to give you tools to live out your faith in your daily life.

It's well known that God doesn’t want only one person to do all the work in the body of Christ. There is a lot more needed to reach the whole world with the Good News of the Gospel. Jesus desires that we all become his disciples and followers. You can invite us to organise a Good News Weekend in your church or congregation.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Good News Weekend?

    This is a weekend organized in cooperation with local churches, congregations or ministries to equip the body of Christ. The weekends are meant to give believers tools in their Christian faith and equip them in their walk with Jesus.

  • What is the duration of a Good News Weekend ?

    The duration of a Good News Weekend varies between 2 or 3 days. The weekends are built up in different parts during the day. This is always done in consultation with the church or congregation where the weekend is organized.

  • What are the costs of a Good News Weekend?

    We organise these weekends for a voluntary contribution and a compensation for the travel expenses. You are free to support our work with a donation, so that we can reach even more people with the Good News of the Gospel.

  • What is the program during a Good News Weekend?

    The program of a Good News Weekend consists of various meetings where different topics are explained. During the weekend there will be various speakers. There is the possibility to organise an evangelistic outreach in the afternoon, in the area where the weekend is organized. People are free to participate in this.