Gospel Campaigns

Time for Christ is committed to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel. We want to support similar ministries and we are planning to organise our own large-scale Gospel campaigns as well.

For the following years our main goal is to reach hundreds or even thousands of people with the Gospel. We are particularly focussing on Africa and Asia, as seen worldwide those are the areas where people live who have never or hardly ever heard the Good News of the Gospel

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  • What is a Gospel campaign ?

    A Gospel campaign is an evangelistic gathering in the open air where people come from all over the city and surrounding villages to listen to the Word of God. During a campaign the Gospel is preached in a simple way, so that everybody who is present can understand the message. As a result people often get in touch with the Good News of the Gospel for the first time in their life. They also get the opportunity to take the first step towards getting to know Jesus personally.

    A campaign is always organised in close cooperation with the local churches in the area where the campaign takes places.

    After the preaching, there will be prayed for the sick and God will confirm His Word with miracles, signs and wonders.

  • What is the duration of a Gospel campaign ?

    The duration of a Gospel campaign is mostly around 5 days. A campaign normally starts in the afternoon and ends in the evening. In the afternoon there is the possibility to organise a leadership conference parallel to the campaign to equip and encourage the local pastors, evangelists and believers.

  • What are the costs of a Gospel campaign?

    The costs of a Gospel campaign can vary a lot. It depends on various factors. Think about the promotional costs, the follow-up costs and other necessary costs. Also the size of the city and the number of local churches who are cooperating with the organization of the campaign are playing a big role in the costs of a Gospel campaign.

  • What is the follow-up for a Gospel campaign?

    The new believers are led to the local churches through a follow-up program. Where they can be disciplined and allowed to grow in their faith.