About the adviser

Pieter Rienk Boscha

Pieter Rienk is married to Paudwina  and  father of two children. They live together on a primary school in Driezum from where they organise biweekly gatherings with a group of Jesus followers. In 2011 he came radical to repentance and from that moment on he wants to make God great with everything he does.He has a heart to share the Gospel where ever he goes, with a hands-on mentality, to teach in a practical way that fits in the culture of this time. 

Short after his repentance Pieter Rienk was passionately active with local prayer gatherings , where they had new people who came to repentance on a weekly base. His desire is to see that also for today. His goal is to show God’s Kingdom in daily life. Not only on a Sunday and within the church walls, but also outside.

From out his job as site manager at a big auction company here in the Netherlands, he is active all over the country in the heart of the business life.